Week 10: General Strategy

General Steps: In this post I will highlight the key aspects of the strategy, and elaborate certain key theoretical underpinnings in communication and information theory.

Raising awareness of brand within target public: media, fashionable men, and retailers:

  1. Sending Print and Online journalists/reporters the samples of Feiyue shoes to review
  2. Tying-in the current Men’s Fashion Week: highlighting the fashion shows to the media outlets.
  3. Media announcements of various Men’s Fashion Week products.
  4. Guerilla Marketing: live demonstrations of parkour, breakdancing, and martial arts in public places.
  5. Combination of traditional PR though media outlets and guerilla marketing campaign to increase momentum(giving press releases over public appearances and guerilla marketing)
  6. Creation of social media outlets: Facebook and Twitter, content provided include free gifts with purchases of Feiyue goods.

Improving Brand Image: removing any nagative image from the association with the Chinese brand, and addressing the critiques of pro-chinese-feiyue promoters

  1. Distinction from Chinese sneaker: promotion as a fasionable sneaker, with heavy emphasis on newer, more stylised, Feiyue shoes. E.g. sending only these for reviews.
  2. Addressing the hegemony of the pro-chinese brand presence on the Internet: setting up of counter-branding efforts to emphasise newer sneakers are BETTER at performing tasks like long distance walking.
  3. Release of statement online stating the difference in the two brands and types of shoes.

Chia and Synott’s(pp248-268) readings on strategy suggest that strategy has to encompass a certain level of subjectivity as per constructivist perspectives. While I find this to be a given in any form of discourse, not just a condition of multiple ontoloical realities, this critical viewpoint should also take heed to the poststructuralist notion of meaning being part of a structure, such as language. While Chia and Synott suggest alleviating the limitations of multiple constructions of truth by PR practitioners engaging themselves in the Public’s construction of meaning , I find that the takeaway from structuralist and poststructuralists critiques is the need to reduce the complexity of the structure PR messages are constructed within.

Take, for example, Derrida’s notion of meaning being constructed through a structure, whose “center”, the underpinning anchor through which relative meaning is constructed, is in fact outside of the structure. In PR terms, this would mean that Publics interpret meaning in PR messages through pre-existing knowledge and beliefs of other meaning. While this meaning is underpinned through something not within the structure itself, the meaning Public construct is shaped by other artefacts, such as competing PR messages. Amongst the many implications of this, one is that PR campaigns simply cannot afford to repeat the exact message as other PR messages.Having identical messages existing in (hypothetically) identical structures would result in meaning being rendered meaningless. This is as per Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation.

The logical conclusion for the PR strategy, is to therefore embark on a simplified meaning within a structure, with minimal dependencies on existing conceptualisations in Publics, and to create, as far as possible, distinct information from what is already in existence. ?Just as Shannon distinguished between communication theory(as per the interpretation of the message) and information theory(the process by which said message is transmitted), this strategy hope to minimise information entropy in the message, yet create personalised, unique meanings for each individual. This would result in the best PR impression being created in both communication and information aspects.


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