Week 8- Chapter 12 [Irene Lee @ Khine Yin Win (3119122)]

Chapter 12- Measuring Successful Relationships: Approaches to Research Methods


In every PR campaign or event, there needs to be a process that measures the success of these actions. This process is called evaluation and it is an essential part of any communication campaign. The reason being is that evaluation allows the PR practitioner and the organization to understand all aspects of the media campaign from the basic stages of planning and designing to the final stages of implementation.


Evaluation helps to determine the effectiveness, achievement of goals and efficiency of goals in a PR campaign as Stanton suggests. He further relates how evaluation should be conducted in three steps- formative, process and summative evaluation.


The formative evaluation takes place at the start of the campaign and to simply describe it, it is the step that allows the media practitioner to reevaluate the already thought out plan for an event or campaign. On a more important aspect the formative evaluation requires thorough research on all factors concerning the planned campaign and will aid to prioritize the research and design to fit with client’s objectives.


The process evaluation takes place throughout the campaign and seeks to evaluate the success in between phases of a campaign. For instance, for every event of the campaign, the media practitioner will conduct an evaluation to access the level of success of the ongoing campaign. The evaluation could be conducted in terms of media coverage and whether the actions that took place by the organization were viewed in a positive or negative light by the media.


The summative evaluation is the final process of evaluating a campaign. It is the end evaluation of all the events and actions that took place during the campaign. Summative evaluation as the name explains is the summation of the campaign.


Personally, I think evaluation is a process that will really help develop the PR in a company for both present campaigns and future ones. Evaluation is important not only in the communication aspect but also, for other initiatives. It is an important process in the introduction of a new product and it helps to understand whether the process is successful, reasons behind why it is or is not successful and more importantly, how it can be improved.




Stanton, R., 2007. Media Relations, Oxford University Press Melbourne.




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