Week 9- Chapter 6 [Irene Lee @ Khine Yin Win (3119122)]

Chapter 6- Developing Media Relationships Around News


In media relations, the media cannot exist without the source, and the source cannot exist without the media. In terms of PR, the source is what the practitioner can do to attract the attention of the media so that there is publicity for the organization or association. It pretty much means that PR practitioners need to beautify a story in order for it to be sold to the media. The angle and issue has to be twisted in a way to attract the media’s attention and create hype and interest to the public. The whole idea sounds easy but it certainly is not.

It becomes worse if what you are trying to sell is a product or service that has little potential of gaining media publicity- such as a car wash service. Thus, it requires a lot of creativity and thought before something can actually happen.

Here’s an example that will further explain what I mean.

Take Organized Clutter Daily (OCD), Singapore’s first professional organizing service. A simple service that pretty much lacked what the media would deem as news worthy. Yet, the organization was able to grab the media’s attention especially the magazines. The organization first started in 2009 and in June to August of that year, they were able to get five magazines, Elle, Men’s Health, Shape, Cleo, Simply Her to cover the organization’s service.

The question was how did they do this and what was so news worthy about a professional service that organized your room?

The answer is that the organization angled their service towards the idea that clutter around the house caused stress and other health related concerns. They also provided simple ideas and ‘do-it-yourself’ advices to keep the house, workplace, or any environment clutter free. Thus, they targeted the lifestyle magazines.

The simplicity of the idea to tie in health and clutter together gave the opportunity for the organization to gain publicity while still selling their service in a non-obvious way.



OCD, 2010. About Us. Available at: <http://www.ocd.com.sg/about-us.php> [Accessed 26 October 2011].

Stanton, R., 2007. Media Relations, Oxford University Press Melbourne.


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