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Week 8 Blog Journal: Evaluation Techniques

Chapter 12 of Richard Stanton’s Media Relations book focusses exclusively on the use of evaluation methods in media relations and public relations. As the scope of PR campaigns are only limited by one’s creativity, there can be all manners of activities and passivities which can be construed as public relations. As such, no one evaluation method can be applied universally across all strategies or campaigns. Adaptation, combination, and derivation and hence the keys to formulating useful and sound evaluations.
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Week 5: A Critique of Media Relations

The hegemony of lazy journalists, despite its pathetic nature, manages to be influential enough to reach the scholastic education of the academy. I jest. Media relations forms a key aspect of public relations, so much so that some consider media relations to be used interchangeably with public relations. Today I had a debate about the whether media relations should be the focus of most PR campaigns.

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Week 4: Critique of the Methodologies of Public Relations Using a Case Study of Google Australia’s Homepage Logo Contest


Once more, we step further into the pool of public relations. This article aims to gain insight into the effectiveness of Public Relation machinations through a case study of the success, or lack thereof, of a third-party attempt at PR, through a campaign, to promote a client’s contest.

TheĀ  story starts with a young technological firm refreshing their image in a specific country’s population. The firm is doing relatively well, but seeks to reinforce its brand’s image as a creative, innovative, modern and exciting company. In particular, it wants to capture the attention of the young, who, as digital natives, would be better inclined connect with the firm and make the brand a household name. The firm engages a PR company to assist it in its campaign.

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